Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Bassendean Primary School aims to provide a positive and safe environment that enriches every child’s desire to learn and strive for excellence and to be happy, responsible and confident members of the community.

Our Values

All people who learn, work and interact with Bassendean Primary School share an educational environment founded on the following key values:

  • Showing respect for ourselves, each other and our environment
  • Achieving our individual potential through the pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to excellence
  • Acting with honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Valuing diversity as demonstrated by the empathy we have for others
  • Showing pride in our school and community
  • Appreciating our Australian heritage
  • Displaying citizenship as a valued member of the communition


As a community we strive to achieve the following goals.


Show responsibility in the applications of skills, knowledge and values in order to make appropriate decisions.

Engage in learning by participating fully in all class activities.

Demonstrate care and respect in the way they interact with others.