Bassendean Primary School first opened as West Guildford P.S. in October 1906. As the area developed the Guildford name was reserved for land east of the Swan River. In 1922 the West Guildford area was renamed Bassendean, as was the school.

Additions to the school were made in 1912 (classrooms), 1915 (pavilion classrooms), 1945 (classrooms & corridor), 1975 (Classrooms and resource centre), 1993 (covered assembly area including canteen and storage for PE, cleaners and gardener, purpose build Pre-Primary classroom), 1995 the addition of a transportable Pre-Primary classroom, 1998 another transportable for Kindergarten and Kadee Aboriginal Kindergarten (closed in 2006).

In 2007, the new computer laboratory was built. In 2009 BER (Building Education Revolution) funding for a 3 room Early Childhood Unit and Library Resource Centre was received. Buildings were completed in 2010.

In 2014 we welcomed the arrival of a new transportable classroom to accommodate our growing student population and the relocation and refurbishment of the staff room. The new Administration building and staff carpark were completed in early 2016. 

The school celebrated its centenary in October 2006. Major centenary projects involving students, parents, staff and community groups included painting the corridors, front office, reception area and student toilets, transformation of the front garden on West Rd and the creation of new murals in the grand hallway.