Welcome to Bassendean Primary School

2023 Term 4 Event

Bassendean Primary School Presents: 

Bilya Project: Ni! Derbyl Yerrigan Waanginy (Listen! The Swan River is Speaking)

What is the Bilya Project? Bilya Project Promo.mp4



PART ONE: Thursday 23 November 2023 (Event Opening)

Governor Stirling Senior High School

25 Third Ave, Woodbridge.

6.15pm start.

PART TWO: Friday 1 December 2023 (Art Installation)

Bassendean Primary School

70 West Road, Bassendean

6.15pm start.


Bassendean Primary School invite you to a creative multi-sensory interactive art installation that looks at how we work, live and play on and beside the Swan River. Students have re-imagined stories collected from the past and present and ask you to take a journey through light, sound and imagery on two evenings.

Throughout 2023, students at Bassendean Primary School have worked to create an original song, studio and light photography, augmented reality and sculptures that will be part of the art installation.

PART ONE will take place at Governor Stirling Senior High School on Thursday 23 November 2023. You are invited to enjoy the opening of the Bilya Project’s art installation, Ni! Derbyl Yerrigan Waanginy, Listen! The Swan River is Speaking.

PART TWO will take place at Bassendean Primary School on Friday 1 December 2023. The art installation will morph, expand and transform Bassendean Primary School at twilight, to further tell stories about the river.

As you travel through, in and around the school site, you will be able to see, hear and interact with art created by the students.

We encourage you to tell family, friends and neighbours to come and enjoy the experience.


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